Business Insurance

With our insurance partners, we promise to arm you with the proper tools to keep your company strong and resilient. Business Loan Protection and Key Person Insurance plans are two essential insurance products that can help protect your interests, give your creditors peace of mind, and help build company confidence.

We also offer attractive Group Benefits plans to help you attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

What are Group Benefits?

A group benefits plan is an essential part of any compensation strategy. Group benefits can help your businesses attract the best talent, giving you a competitive edge.

At Savin Insurance we will help you design a program to specifically meet the unique needs of your business. With access to multiple insurance providers we can create a competitive, affordable, and comprehensive benefits package.

Key Person Insurance
This specialty product provides your business with immediate cash to cover working capital needs if an owner or key executive dies. The cash can also go towards finding and training a suitable replacement.

When a key person dies, the business loses an important member of the management team. This can result in lenders cutting credit, creditors looking for payment, debtors delaying payment, and the general loss of company confidence, which can financially impact the business.

Key Person Insurance assures business creditors and employees that no matter what happens to a key player, the business will continue.