Legal Information
Savin Insurance Ltd., an Ontario corporation, is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), to sell insurance and investment products in the Province of Ontario (Canada). Nothing herein shall constitute an offer for sale or solicitation of business outside the Province of Ontario. The information we provide on our Web site is intended for informational purposes only. If you are not a licensed professional, the site can introduce you to Savin Insurance Ltd., and help you better understand the products and services related to financial planning. It is NOT, however, meant to replace investment counseling, financial and tax planning advice, legal advice, or offer insurance and investment products or services without the advice of a qualified licensed professional.
Savin Insurance Ltd. is a network of independent financial advisors and licensed professionals that provide Canadians with a range of financial services from quality supplier companies.

Les renseignements contenus dans notre site Web visent à vous présenter Savin Insurance Ltd. et à vous aider à mieux comprendre les produits et services reliés à la planification financière. Toutefois, ils NE visent PAS à remplacer les conseils de professionnels en placements, en planification financière et fiscale ainsi qu'en droit.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Commission des Services Financiers de l'Ontario (FSCO/CSFO)